Upil Renovates Classrooms and Toilets in Delta School

On Thursday, the 13th of February, 2020, Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited (UPIL) commissioned a block of three classrooms at Agbaide Primary School, Agbarha, Delta State, Nigeria.

In his welcome address, the Headteacher of Agbaide-Gana Primary School, Agbarha-Oror, Comrade Vincent Lucky commended the Chairman, Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited, Engr. Charles Odita and the board of directors of the company for their commitment to enhancing the standard of basic education in the state.

“I am privileged to stand before this great crowd made up of men and women of high integrity and great repute from Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited, Education Ministry, Local Government Council, the community and the society at large; to address you on this important occasion of the official commissioning and handover of a block of three classrooms furnished and stocked with 60 dual seats for pupils, chalkboards, 6 office chairs and tables for teachers,” he said.

Comrade Vincent says UPIL’s generosity is not limited to the above-stated largesse. The Company provided the school with complete school uniforms for pupils, a band set, and a well-renovated toilet facility with water closets.

The Head Teacher highlighted some of the ways that UPIL had greatly assisted the school in the past. These include but are not limited to donating souvenirs to well performing students, sponsoring school events and celebrations, gifts of jerseys, and many more.

Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited, a pipeline company that constructed a 51.4km pipeline from Umusadege to Eriemu for injecting crude into the Trans-Forcados Pipeline, has since commencing operations embarked on various schemes that deliver enduring progress to the indigenes of its Host Communities.

Some of the projects embarked upon by UPIL in recent times include the award of scholarships to deserving students from the Host Communities, both for Tertiary and Secondary schools. Scholarships were awarded to 22 new beneficiaries, and they are made up of 13 secondary school students and seven tertiary students. This brings the total of UPIL scholarship recipients to 55.

During the official commissioning of the renovated facilities, Dr. Blessing Ayemhere, the Managing Director of Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited, said that UPIL planned the event to bring its stakeholders together in celebration of efforts made so far in the development of their Host Communities.

Ayemhere pointed out that the renovation of the school facilities was a part of the Company’s Adopt-a-School Programme, which forms a large part of UPIL’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative aimed at improving the academic infrastructure of their Host Communities and consequently improve the academic performance of Delta State at large.

He said that UPIL’s vision of maintaining a friendly environment by helping shape the lives of youths and children in the community drives its commitment to educational development.

In a vote of thanks delivered by the Company’s Technical Manager, Mr. John Okusolubo, UPIL thanked all its stakeholders for their support in the course of the Company’s operation and promised to always extend support to the communities towards achieving and maintain a peaceful coexistence